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We provide a full array of services ranging from washi paper production and sales to processing and interior finishing work, along with much more.

  • [Production & Sales]

    In addition to Kozo (Kozo Mulberry) washi, there are a variety of washi types such as Mitsumata washi and Gampi washi each with their own production methods and unique properties. We will listen carefully to your needs and produce washi paper that matches your needs. We additionally offer a portion of our workshop stock for sale.

  • [Processing & Interior Finishing]

    From shoji, fusuma and wall paper finishing to envelope production and washi printing, we provide a wide variety of interior finishing, goods production and post-processing services.

  • [Additional Services]

    In addition to papermaking experiences, production tours, workshops and internships, we provide a wide array of dispatch instruction and lecture services.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning anything related to Japanese washi paper at any time using the form below.

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